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Posted On: June 27, 2018

How I tracked down my iPhone without “Find my iPhone”

Earlier today, I was traveling from San Francisco to Pleasant Hill via BART train. As I exited the train and the doors closed, my headphones beeped to let me know that my phone had been disconnected. My heart skipped a beat as the train sped off. I talked to the station agent and was told instructed to to fill out an…
Posted On: November 30, 2017

10 Ways to Up Your Email Game

Throughout the day, I check my email on several different devices: my iPhone, Mac and Windows 10 laptop. No matter the device, I am always looking for more efficient, stress-reducing ways to ways to handle email. Here are the top 10 apps, methodologies, and tweaks that have helped me to up my email game. 10. Microsoft…
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